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Welcome to trich-ster!


Hi! Welcome, I’m Emma Simonsen the creator of Trich-ster. I’m 18 years old and have trichotillomania (TTM or Trich), a condition where the person feels compelled to pull their hair out. I have created this website to raise awareness and understanding of trichotillomania and to support people with this condition along with their friends and family. I have teamed up with Fixers to create this website.  Fixers is a charity which helps young people undertake projects that benefit other people.


I hope that this website will help new Trichotillomania sufferers and their families to understand and cope with this condition by providing simple clear information and advice for both parents and sufferers.


If you are a sufferer or parent then why not join in on the conversation: www.facebook.com/groups/trichstercommunity




Trichotillomania a.k.a Trich




  • Main symptoms include the pulling of hair, such as from the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, chest or face (i.e. beard or moustache)


  • Feelings of guilt, shame and embarrassment


  • Some people chew and swallow their hair after pulling it out. This can cause "trichobezoars" (hair balls) to form which can seriously damage your health by causing vomiting and bleeding in the stomach.


Information based on: www.co-operativepharmacy.co.uk/pharmacy/medicine-chest/nhs-articles/t/trichotillomania/



'This website represents the views of the young person who devised it and although she, Fixers and PSBT have made every effort to ensure that the infomation is accurate at the time of publication, it should not be relied on as a substitute for formal (medical or other) advice.'